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Sales Pipeline Acceleration

Increase average deal size and convert more leads into customers
Gain Insight
Monitor Activity
Foster Contacts
Better conversation = better conversion

Does talking to sales fill your prospects with dread or delight? The answer depends on whether your sales team is equipped to ask the right questions and anticipate customer needs.

With our products, services and integration with partner solutions, you can cut sales research time with a single source of data-inspired insights. Get industry trends, company analysis, and conversation starters. Identify corporate family trees to uncover strategic needs and cross sell opportunities. With insight from more than 30,000 sources in one place, you’ll have conversations that convert more leads into customers.

Build the relationship at the right time

In new customer acquisition, timing is everything. Dun & Bradstreet aggregates real-time news and social insights and delivers timely alerts on material business changes, so account executives can reach out at just the right time.

Track management changes, business expansion, bankruptcy and M&A activity. Get the latest Twitter activity, significant news events, and analyst commentary. Your sales team will be prepared to reach out at the right time and build the relationship with good questions on critical issues.

Expand your prospecting pool

When a need has been identified, it’s critical that sales teams can bypass gatekeepers and directly reach decision-makers. Successful conversion depends on knowing the right person to call. Dun & Bradstreet delivers over 16 million professional contacts to accelerate your pipeline and open new doors.

Search contacts by role and specific job title. Access contact details including direct phone and e-mail information. And get essential context on executives including biographical information and compensation history.

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