Analyze and Identify Customer Profiles

Create a common data foundation to develop more impactful go-to-market strategies.
Break Down Silos and Establish a Common Data Foundation

With business data spread across different systems and the fast pace of data decay that occurs, marketing and sales teams struggle to maintain their data.

Quality data helps you focus on your best opportunities while empowering better planning, targeting, and sales productivity. Applications that leverage the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, such as D&B Optimizer, help ensure organizations have access to quality marketing and sales data and the most accurate visibility into prospects and customers.

Discover Valuable New Sales Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Establishing a common data foundation across your organization will enable you to explore sales opportunities to help grow your business. The first step is understanding size, coverage, and attractiveness of customer segments and new markets.

With access to solutions such as D&B DataVision and D&B Visitor Intelligence, you can leverage powerful visualizations, firmographic and technographic attributes, real-time web visitor activity, and analytic models to identify high-propensity targets faster.

Build Go-to-Market Strategies Your Organization Can Believe In

It's critical for organizations to establish a common data language and activate it across teams to drive optimal sales engagement and marketing campaign results.

With access to the most accurate, actionable business data in D&B DataVision, you can confidently build customer profiles for account-based marketing (ABM) or develop other effective go-to-market strategies. Deploy campaigns across your CRM and MAP systems or send targets to sellers directly via D&B Hoovers to empower them to close more business faster.