Empower Sales to Close Business Faster

Help increase the average deal size and convert more sales leads into customers.
Access Common Sources of Prospect and Customer Data

Sales and marketing teams need to work more effectively together. That starts with a shared foundation of quality prospect and customer data. With access to the same data, sellers not only have deep intelligence on accounts but also have a better understanding of the prospect's journey and previous engagement. They can engage more effectively at the point of contact, enact better decision-making, increase efficiency, and close business faster.

Leverage solutions such as D&B Optimizer and D&B Hoovers, which connect CRM and MAP systems to the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud. With this integration, sellers will have access to the most accurate data, which can help streamline account management and improve prospecting.

Search Less, Sell More

Nearly eight decision makers are involved in every sales deal - that's a 43 percent surge from three years ago. That's why knowing your market, having access to quality data and leads, and developing the sales insights to identify your best prospects is critical.

D&B Hoovers can help increase efficiency and reduce the cost of a sale by providing direct access to industry-leading commercial data and analytics that helps teams focus on top opportunities, engage with the right contacts, and automate workflows. With access to deep company intelligence and better quality leads, sellers will be empowered to spend less time searching and more time generating revenue.

Accelerate Business Growth

To stay ahead of the competition and meet revenue goals, sales teams need to fast-track the buyer’s journey and cross-sell and upsell existing accounts more effectively while building strong customer relationships.

D&B Hoovers provides access to real-time trigger alerts, news, and updates regarding the prospects and customers you care about. This positions your sellers as strategic partners — who know both your business and how to solve a prospect's challenges — rather than as someone simply trying to sell something.