ESG for Insurance

Leverage ESG insights to support decision making, product innovation and manage risk

Better Understand Risk Profiles

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics are enabling insurers to better understand their policyholders’ business operational management and risk profiles. ESG credentials can provide insight into how companies are looking to the future, how they are mitigating risk and navigating a changing environment. When looking beyond traditional metrics and assessing the impact on resources – both natural and human – Dun & Bradstreet’s ESG score can provide additional insights into operational, financial, and reputational risk for policyholders. Leading insurers are now committing to net zero positions and reducing their exposure to industries that are harmful to the climate, such as oil and gas. Investment in solutions like D&B ESG Intelligence can help the insurance industry meet such objectives.
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Leverage ESG Data Where and When You Need It
Gain fast visibility into ESG risks across your portfolio of insureds and suppliers, understand the impact on propensity to claim and performance, identify areas for improvement or innovation, and benchmark with standardised metrics.
A Trusted Source of ESG Data and Rankings

D&B ESG Intelligence has been recognized by Chartis Research in its 2022 report on ESG Data Aggregators and Scorers