Driving Performance Improvement

Drive operational and administrative process efficiencies across the insurance value chain.

Master Data Management to Improve Insurance Expense Ratios

Operational cost savings are a probable effect from implementing D&B Direct for Insurance. A data and analytics interface helping to understand cost to service client accounts will help improve the profitability of brokers and insurers, change their policy administration approach accordingly and in general policy selection. Find out more about D&B Direct for Insurance

Consolidating Separate Books of Business

There can be significant complexity in merging two portfolios following a merge or acquisition, especially when customer records have been built manually over successive years. With little or different nomenclature control or completion of key details an account database matching exercise may be very difficult. Find out more about D&B Direct for Insurance

Enabling a Data-Driven Strategy

Enabling a data-driven strategy can provide key application use cases across:
  • Entity resolution, Linkages, Risk aggregation and exposure
  • Master Data – cleanse, match, append
  • Management of uniform data sets for ongoing synergies
  • Refinement of territory / operating region planning
Find out more about D&B Direct for Insurance
There's a whole ton of data in our industry, but it's virtually useless, because it's not the same, it's not formatted in the same way.
Stephen Catlin , Founder and CEO of Convex