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Enable better government by uncovering truth and meaning from data
Drive Better Government OutcomesDun & Bradstreet works with agencies in every facet of government – providing timely and critical information and analysis to support national security, improve operations, drive economic growth, and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse.
Advance your unique mission.

Every agency is unique. For our government team this means that one day we're building predictive models to detect hazardous chemicals at the border, and the next day we're helping a local revenue department close the tax gap to generate a revenue surplus.

We are passionate about enabling government agencies to achieve better mission outcomes. For 90 years, we have partnered with Central, Local Government and the wider public sector to co-develop innovative solutions that fulfill mission objectives while driving efficiency and transparency.

Our Solutions

The Value of Data-Inspired GovernmentAgencies that transform into a data-inspired organization drive efficiency and transparency across the government. To effectively leverage data as a strategic asset, you need data that is collected, organized, and used consistently across the organization — and analytics that can harness the power of the data into actionable insights that solve mission critical problems.
Central GovernmentAdvance mission success with cutting edge data and analyticsDun & Bradstreet's solutions reduce risk, optimize the workload, accelerate threat assessment, and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse.Learn More
Local GovernmentRobust public sector solutionsDun & Bradstreet's solutions boost regional economic development, recover and uncover revenue, bolster the workforce, and facilitate low-risk procurement.Learn More
Dun & Bradstreet has achieved a rare standard of excellence within the community of government buyers. They’re the prototype for any company looking to broaden its footprint in the government space.
Nicholas McClusky, Director of Research and Strategic Insights , Government Executive Media Group