Fraud PreventionMaintaining the security of our nation
Solve investigations faster
Protecting UK from threats
Review cases of suspected fraud
Access to worldwide intelligence

Our global database of over 256 million businesses provides the information needed to solve investigations more quickly. We can help minimise the threat to national security and reduce fraud by using our DUNSRight™ process we can confirm the existence of an entity, identify all associated organisations with our corporate linkage and associated risk of a business, allowing you to prioritise inspections of companies considered a threat to border security.


Limited security resources, limited information on businesses as well as limited time for risk assessment and investigations all contribute to this challenge. Investigations are a time-consuming process that may not yield results. Information is often outdated or incomplete and access to global business information is often limited yet critical to counteract terrorism or trace corporate fraud. See a full list of our patents here.


In addition to using our data to help identify which entity you are dealing with, we also have a Critical Intelligence Team which reviews cases of suspected fraud and works with various bodies and entities across the UK to help share information where possible.

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