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Know Your Third Party

Minimize risk from sanctioned, suspect or corrupt third-party intermediaries and accelerate business growth
Identify third-parties
Protect brand reputation
On-going risk monitoring
Identify sanctioned, suspect or corrupt third-parties With Dun & Bradstreet, you can streamline and accelerate the reliable identification of sanctioned, suspect or corrupt third-party intermediaries. By connecting your organization to the world's largest commercial database-more than 300 million records updated more than 5 million times a day-we unify KY3P sanctions/watch list screening, PEP identification, adverse media, litigation and open source research. Dun & Bradstreet also delivers enhanced due diligence 'boots on the ground' investigations when needed.
Protect your company’s equity and reputation Dun & Bradstreet screens out sanctioned, suspect or corrupt third-parties, as well as their principals and beneficial owners with corrupt intent. Using the largest database of global adverse media, we can help you identify these third-party intermediaries, protecting your brand reputation. You can also perform enhanced due diligence for third-parties with the highest risk ratings through investigation by experts in the local region.
Maintain rigorous ongoing third-party risk monitoring To be effective in the long-term, your third-party risk monitoring needs to be tracked, audited and stored. Dun & Bradstreet electronically documents your end-to-end third-party due diligence results, including comprehensive audit trail, user-entered notes, snapshots of reports used and time, and date- and user-stamped activity. That gives you a clear audit trail to meet internal and external obligations, minimize regulatory and reputational risks and comply with laws and regulations.
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