Mastering supply chain resilience

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Turbulent times create uncertainty

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Why supply chain risk needs to be back in focus
Dun & Bradstreet research shows many business leaders no longer see supply chain risk as one of the main threats to their operations. However one expert warns they may be underestimating the impact of a regulatory shift that will kick demands for supply chain transparency and reporting into overdrive.
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How to minimise risks in your supply chain
What are the greatest challenges at the moment in creating resilient supply chains? And how can you minimise risks in your supply chain? We conducted an expert interview to understand what companies really need to pay attention to when looking to establish a resilient supply chain.
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Why sustainable supply chains are more resilient
Supply chains that satisfy current ESG criteria not only reduce a company’s carbon footprint and reputation risks, they’re also more resilient and cost-efficient. ESG data is becoming the determining factor here – as well as an opportunity for companies.
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ESG strategy: How can sustainability be measured?
Having an ESG strategy is no longer an optional extra for companies. The subject of sustainability has become a strategic priority for firms around the world. It is how they identify ESG risks in their own supply chain.
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Research report: How to grow in an uncertain future?
We surveyed over 3,000 business leaders globally to understand their perceptions of business resilience. An overwhelming 77% of our surveyed business leaders answered that they believe that data will play a crucial role in helping their businesses navigate turbulent times ahead.
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