Third-Party Risk

indueD — Automated Decision Making

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Automated Decision Making without Additional Risk

Powered by the world’s largest commercial database, indueD helps you verify the identity of companies and individuals, validate directors, and establish beneficial ownership.

We can speed up your due diligence by validating with D&B’s global database of 500+ million company records, 314+ million UBO’s, millions of PEP’s, hundreds of blacklists, sanction lists and more, without sacrificing quality.

Protect your organization against hidden risks by mapping trading partners and their indirect relationships.
Prevent unnecessary fines, reputational damage and comply with laws and regulations with a proven time saving of 75%.
Support Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) with the most consistent, fast, accurate and global data source.
Seamlessly manage Know Your Customer (KYC) workflows, while creating a documented audit trail that improves efficiency.

How It Works

indueD offers businesses a complete, customisable solution that manages risk in today’s regulatory environment. With easy to understand individual risk factors summarised into a single configurable RAG status.