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Smart ProspectingMarket smarter by combining analytics with quality data to drive valuable leads and grow your business.
Get the list right or nothing else matters
An online tool that promotes effective targeting. Analyse your customers, segment your target market and select your best prospects.
Build targeted lists using firmographics and D&B proprietary data elements.
Analyse your customers, applying look-alike profiling and segmentation analysis.
Link Internet search results to businesses already included within your selection to avoid duplicates and improve efficiency.
Seamlessly integrate data into your CRM environment so that you have a single version of the truth.
Replace manual processes with the List automation module. Set rules for example pull lists and even forward to colleagues.
Segment your target market based on relevant criteria.
How It Works

Smart Prospecting allows you to market smarter by providing you with the data and tools you need to profile your best customers, analyse your penetration rate and target your best prospects.

Building cubes, profiling and list building are just a few of the functions that can be performed using D&B Smart Prospecting. The combination of firmographic data (such as employee size, sales and industry) along with D&B specialty data (such as trading indicator, high risk indicator and corporate linkage) make Smart Prospecting the ideal marketing solution.

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Up to 50% of marketing budget can be wasted, in fact Dun & Bradstreet know which half, companies that are not actively trading.
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