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Market InsightGet the powerful insight of sophisticated statistical models – without a statistician
The power of analytics in the hands of marketers
Market Insight is an innovative data analysis and visualization tool that allows you to better understand your customers and opportunities.
Get a complete view of your customer base, combining your customer data with Dun & Bradstreet’s global business database.
Create a scoring model to profile and pinpoint the prospects who are most like your best customers.
Leverage powerful charting tools to graphically view your data in different ways.
View results in a Venn Diagram with segment counts to identify cross-sell opportunities.
Conduct a penetration analysis to understand market opportunity.
Augment data with rich firmographics, including newly enhanced geocodes, corporate hierarchies & analytics for better decision making.

How It Works

D&B Market Insight is easy to deploy and start using right away. Simply download a launcher directly from D&B to your computer (not your company’s server) and access the application through a secure Web page.
Once we became familiar with the possibilities that Market Insight offered, our organization was able to work far more efficiently and intelligently.
Laurens Liezenberg , Business Development Manager, TNT Express
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