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D&B Web Visitor IDProfile your web visitors and deliver real-time personalization to enhance website engagement and turn unknown visitors into leads.
Focus on the visitor, not the visit
D&B Web Visitor ID pulls rich business data associated with cookies and IP addresses hitting your website, providing a deeper profile of your digital traffic so that your offline and online prospect data are in sync.
Hone campaign segmentation criteria by analyzing the digital footprint and business attributes of your visitors
Focus your retargeting efforts on the highest value prospects
Connect web visitor data with your CRM and other offline systems through the D-U-N-S Number
Gather data on engaged visitors who may not trigger a conversion event, but may qualify as a “lead”
Capture a larger share of your online traffic into your lead funnel
Measure the effectiveness of marketing in driving the right B2B audiences to your site
How It Works

D&B Web Visitor ID can customise the digital experience of your web visitors to drive engagement. The more personalised and relevant their experience becomes, the more likely they are to transform from prospects to solid leads.

Gain instant access to company information of your most important visitors - such as business name, industry, geography and more - giving you a laser-sharp focus into which target segments to invest your market spend.

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