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D&B Visitor Intelligence

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Focus On the Visitor, Not the Visit
D&B Visitor Intelligence pulls rich business data associated with IP addresses hitting your website, providing a deeper profile of your digital traffic so that your offline and online prospect data are in sync.

Web Analytics
Unmask the companies and personas visiting your site. By matching to a DUNS® Number, you’ll be able to see their revenue, employee count, industry code, and more.

Visitors expect great customer experiences. By identifying your anonymous visitors, you’ll be able to optimize your site experience for the identified audience.

Lead Generation
Improve lead conversion by prefilling web forms with company name, address, zip, and more.

How It Works

D&B Visitor Intelligence can customize the digital experience of your web visitors to drive engagement. The more personalized and relevant their experience becomes, the more likely they are to transform from prospects to solid leads.

Gain instant access to company information of your most important visitors — such as business name, industry, geography and more — giving you a laser-sharp focus into which target segments to invest your market spend.

Let’s talk about how D&B Visitor Intelligence can grow your business.

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We always assumed the people coming to our site were appropriate to our brand. Visitor Intelligence has helped unlock the true profile of our online visitors and has allowed us to better understand how we can monetize them.
VP of Integrated Marketing