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D&B Account Based Marketing

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Take Your ABM to the Next Level
D&B Account Based Marketing enables you to quickly and easily build, execute, and measure compelling omnichannel campaigns that engage and inspire targeted buying groups to take action.
Segment & Align
Use Fit, Intent and Risk attributes from the D&B Data Cloud with your data to build Ideal Customer Profiles.
Activate & Engage
Easily deploy personalized experiences across more ABM activation channels than any other vendor.
Measure & Optimize
Full-funnel tracking and flexible AI-driven models help you continuously improve your ABM programs.

ABM That Improves Marketing ROI

Execute ABM strategies that can accelerate the buyer's journey and increase sales efficiency.

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Unlimited Insights
Use powerful identity resolution and Dun & Bradstreet Live Business Identity to connect disparate data sources and create a cohesive view of accounts and buying groups.

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Automated Omnichannel Orchestration
Create a consistent brand experience that inspires audiences to take action by deploying more responsive ABM campaigns.

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Open Activation
Use AI-powered insight to identify the right audiences to target so you can get more out of your paid media spend, utilize social channels more effectively and empower your SDRs.

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Full-funnel Measurement
Use multi-touch attribution models to measure success and provide insights for continuous program improvement.

Purpose-Built for World-Class ABM Strategy

Engage and inspire targeted buying groups to take action 

Create compelling omnichannel campaigns  that engage and inspire your targeted buying groups to move on from their status quo and, adopt your solutions. Gain the insights needed for continuous improvement and strategic alignment.


Backed by our market-leading Customer Data Platform technology, the D&B Account Based Marketing platform leverages the power of AI and analytical modeling to prioritize target audiences.


Improve ad spend efficiency by tapping into D&B Data Cloud’s 355M+ business records and 500M+ digital IDs to automate delivery across ad platforms for a more targeted and personalized approach.


Help unmask anonymous business visitors to your website and personalize their experience.


Reduce friction on your website and forms to make it easier to convert target accounts.


Full-funnel tracking and multi-touch attribution across online and offline channels provides you to flexibly adopt the measurement model that meets your needs.

Real Customers, Real Results

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Learn how Citrix uses Dun & Bradstreet to enhance the way their marketing and sales teams target the right accounts with the right messages to drive increases in pipeline and size of deal.

LiveRamp: Expanding the Account Universe

LiveRamp wanted to target more accounts. By deploying Dun & Bradstreet, they expanded their account universe and are running integrated, targeted campaigns to top accounts.

Thomson Reuters: Improving Cross-Sell/Upsell Plays with Predictive

Learn how Thomson Reuters worked with Dun & Bradstreet to identify their super users and act on that information to improve their cross-sell and upsell opportunities.