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Credit & Risk Management
DBAiAccess online business credit reports. Find what you need fast with simple ordering, intuitive report navigation and insights to make credit decisions
Quickly accessible & easily understood reports
Access online business credit reports with Dun & Bradstreet’s trusted insight on more than 265 million company records worldwide, including small businesses. Find what you need fast with simple ordering, intuitive report navigation and understandable insights to make credit decisions
Get results online fast with easy, intuitive search; reports are just a few clicks away.
Use flexible customisation options to include only the insights you need.
Access Dun & Bradstreet’s trusted insight on more than 250 million company records worldwide.
Understand critical information quickly with helpful descriptions and visual analyses of the data.
Share reports with colleagues and partners for greater collaboration and efficiencies.
Get up and running quickly and easily with online access, intuitive interface, and easy set-up instructions.
How It WorksMaking a credit decision requires quick analysis of a plethora of information from many sources in order to manage risk and set credit terms. DBAi delivers popular, simple, intuitive and comprehensive Reports and Business Information Reports, as well as 7 other subject reports and an option to create a customised report—giving you access to key insights with just a few clicks. Powered by our industry leading data, scores and predictive analytics, DBAi helps make your decisions more accurate than ever.
We agree that the continued road to economic recovery begins with small to medium enterprises. As a responsible organisation we have an important role to play in fostering economic success – not just for Balfour Beatty PLC, for the whole of UK PLC. Without the help of Dun & Bradstreet we could not have gained the confidence to make our £1 billion SME spend commitment.
Aaron Reid, Sustainable Supply Chain Manager, Balfour Beatty UK
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