Credit & Risk Management
D&B® Decision Maker for DNBi®Advanced rules-based solution for credit teams looking to automate and expedite their credit evaluation processes
Enable faster sales with automated decisioning
D&B® Decision Maker for DNBi efficiently systematizes and regulates credit decisioning across your organization. Combine your credit policies with Dun & Bradstreet’s world-class data and robust predictive analytics to pre-screen, validate and make instant decisions on new accounts applying for credit.
Configure scorecards, review rules and define terms to automate new application reviews for your credit organization.
Control your credit review process while generating almost instant, uniform decisioning on new account requests.
Optimize processing of policy exceptions by creating automated routing rules for greater efficiency and control.
Use intuitive dashboard to monitor your accounts, measure customer service performance and deliver faster revenue.
Record all actions on an application automatically, ensuring complete documentation for compliance and audits.
Online access, intuitive interfaces and quick-step instructions get your credit team up and running quickly and easily.
How It Works

D&B® Decision Maker for DNBi is a customisable, rules-based add-on module to DNBi that allows you to automate your credit evaluation process, combining your credit policies with our data and robust predictive analytics.

DNBi Decision Maker ensures your credit policies are consistently applied across all the businesses you are working with, using our latest information. It will generate immediate decisions on most new requests. If you’re trading across borders, DNBi Decision Maker can also automate your credit decision process, by using our international data standards.

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