Country Insight Product Solutions

There are a range of Country Insight Solutions that can be utilised for your organisation’s needs. For more information about the difference in the product lines, please see the product features chart.

Products Country Insight Snapshot (CIS) Country Insight Reports (CIR)

Country Risk Module – Integrated Solutions


Snapshot view of a single country’s cross-border risk exposure focusing on the Political, Commercial and Macroeconomic environments. Guide to payment terms and delays.

In-depth analysis of a single country’s risks and opportunities in relation to the global and regional business environment. Current, short-term and long-term recommendations.

The Country Risk Module expands on the company level risk insight by placing it within the context of Global risk. Providing both “at-a-glance” dashboards & access to in-depth country insight reports.


Evaluating operational environments, monitoring fluctuations in exchange rates, assessing payment term changes – allowing expert knowledge & commercially relevant forecasts.

Strategic investment decisions, financial risk analysis, supply chain management – allowing effective risk mitigation & strategic decision making.

Assessing headline risk profiles across supplier/customer portfolios and analysis on an individual country/company detail perspective

At a glance risk indicators (D&B’s Country Risk Rating)

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Including rating history


Information on each country includes

Risk indicators, rating trends, core outlook, key development, economic indicators, trade & commercial environment, trade & transfer situation, risk & opportunities

*For more detailed analysis please see Country Insight Reports

Risk indicators, headline issues & key recommendations, risk & opportunities, detailed analysis of core elements, country perspective

Both Country Insight Snapshot (CIS) and Country Insight Reports (CIR) information is available (please see left)

Level of coverage

Country Level

Country, Regional & Global level

Country, Regional & Global level


Web, customer hosted

Web, customer hosted

Web, customer hosted, option of e-alerts & print (International Risk & Payment Review)

Subscription services

Available on D&B’s: Supplier Portfolio Manager (SPM), Supplier Risk Manager (SRM), Portfolio Manager (PM), MyD&, Country Risk platform, and D&B Credit.

Transactional services

Available on D&B’s: MyD&,, D&B Access, DBIA, and D&B Credit.


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Commercial & ‘decision-ready’ recommendations

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Forward looking analysis

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Additional offerings

Optional integration to enterprise solutions, data only solutions (DaaS), consulting