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D&B Hoovers Audience Builder enables marketers to discover, target, and execute on ideal audiences. Combine Dun & Bradstreet’s company and contact intelligence with your own customer data to visualize ideal audiences, find opportunities faster, and send to your marketing platform for activation.

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Combine 1st-party customer data with the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud to
visualize your ideal customer profile and total addressable market.

Market Analysis
  • Scope total addressable market
  • Assess market penetration
  • Target new “adjacent markets” similar to current customer base
GTM Planning
  • Visualize potential opportunities with as-yet untapped growth potential
  • Position customers for cross-sell and upsell
Ideal Customer Profiling
  • “Look-a-like” company and prospect matching
  • View contact coverage by territory
  • Prioritize prospects showing surging buyer intent


Shape precise and prioritized marketing audiences backed by intent data, de-anonymized web visitors, technographics, firmographics, contact attributes, and proprietary analytics. .

Buying Intent

We flag surging interest and active buying behaviors – giving you a head-start on pre-engaged prospects

Only D&B Hoovers offers three intent options, to provide the most flexibility around scale, precision, and purpose:

  • Bombora Intent – Access Bombora’s entire taxonomy of 13k+ keywords and exclusive network, to uncover companies actively in-market for the offerings related to your business.
  • D&B Custom Intent – We’ll build a unique buyer intent model specific to your own business.
  • Visitor Intelligence – Unmask your own website visitors, because the best prospects come to you
Deep Account Intelligence

Essential insights to act first and resonate the strongest:

  • Growth Trajectory – Track whether a company is growing or shrinking over time
  • Spend Capacity – Assess a company’s propensity to buy relative to their peers
  • Viability Risk – Measure financial opportunity and risk across 5+ company health indicators
  • Decision HQ – Pinpoint specific locations where investment decisions are made


Easily activate target audiences via
direct connectors into HubSpot and Marketo.

HubSpot & Marketo
  • Push campaign lists directly to your marketing automation platform
  • Schedule cadence for automatic data updates
  • Learn when new prospects meet list criteria
Salesforce, MS Dynamics, & D&B Hoovers
  • Seamless Sales + Marketing alignment
  • Shape lead lists in Audience Builder, and assign to a Sales user/group in D&B Hoovers
  • Enrich CRM with prospect data from the D&B Data Cloud

D&B Hoovers Enables a Unified Force

D&B Hoovers Audience Builder
  • Assess total addressable market and acquire ideal audiences
  • Integrate 1st-party customer data and compare against the D&B Data Cloud to create a complete view of your total audience
  • Push prospects to HubSpot or Marketo, and lead lists to Sales within D&B Hoovers
D&B Hoovers
  • Filter for ideal sales prospects
  • Engage customers with reliable email, direct phone, social, and decision HQ intel
  • Integrate with Salesforce and Dynamics for active follow-up

Robin Tsai

Solution Architect, Trend Micro Corp

"From a solution architect and implementation perspective, D&B Hoovers is easy to adopt, easy to implement, and easy to use to discover customer data. The more customer data discovered by D&B Hoovers, the more power to achieve more business growth and success."

Tanesha Hansen

Director of Business Development, On-Site Studios

"The platform is incredibly user-friendly. It's a simple process that provides the information you are looking for in one spot... Making connections with prospects is getting harder and D&B gives you the resources to have a solid head start, it is a key tool for your marketing research toolbox."

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