Human Trafficking Exposed: Protecting Your Supply Chain with Data and Analytics

Human Trafficking - What it is, why you're vulnerable and how to keep it out of your supply chain.

No company wants its suppliers to use forced labour. Yet somehow 21 million people around the world are in modern slavery. How does this happen? And how can you make sure you're not inadvertently supporting it? Watch our webinar, where a panel of experts will explore the answers to the above, as well as other vital questions that companies of every size, shape and industry must consider.

You will learn:

  1. If your company is among the thousands impacted by recent international regulations combatting human trafficking
  2. If your supply chain is operating in geographic hot spots for forced labour
  3. How to ensure that your data and analytics approach to supply management is sufficient in protecting your company from the risks of human trafficking

Plus a Q&A session with our panel, including:

Mike McDonnell, Intel
Sr. Manager Supply Chain Sustainability

Phil Berry
Former Director of Sustainability for Nike and Stora Enso

Paul O. Hirose - Perkins Coie
Co-Chair of Perkins Coie LLP's Supply Chain Compliance & Corporate Social Responsibility practice group.

Venus Rodriguez - Not For Sale
Leader of Not For Sale's Reinvent Program, aimed at giving a fresh start to survivors of human trafficking

Geoffrey Farrell - Dun & Bradstreet
Global Leader - Supply Management Solutions

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