Procurement Pressures Spur Bond with Compliance

The last thing any supply chain leader or compliance professional wants to do is put their organization at risk or damage brand reputation, but with the growing number of global regulations and directives, the danger of putting their company in peril increases. Damage can come in many forms, including hefty fines and tarnished reputations. That’s why visibility into ownership structures of suppliers, partners and customers is critical to avoid threats to business, such as unknowingly funding human trafficking or terrorism.

This white paper, written by Greg Iaquinto, Leader of Global Supply Solutions & Risk at Dun & Bradstreet, explores the combined pressures and challenges that corporations face to address transparency of their products and supply chains for all regulated functions. Part of that is the need today for procurement and compliance professionals to work more closely together to adequately meet these challenges.

As convergence takes hold between compliance and procurement organizations, and the increase in regulations governs how and with whom you do business globally, a deeper level of insight, due diligence, and workflow automation will be required to manage and mitigate risk.

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