Episode Seventy: Managing The Data Overload

Why Real-Time Data Decisioning Is Critical For Business

Balance is the big trend that we see now. It is not a great customer journey at the expense of efficiency, and not vice versa. Both can go hand in hand, if you focus on the right tools and the right people.

In this episode of The Power of Data Podcast, Nick White, Head of D&B Accelerate UKI speaks to Frode Berg, Managing Director EMEA at Provenir, a D&B Accelerate partner. Nick and Frode discuss the biggest challenges banks and fintech’s are currently facing and how data can help provide the solution. Frode also shares his insights into the trends he is seeing in data and analytics, why data on demand is so critical for businesses and how companies can manage the data overload to make it work for their needs.

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(Please note that this podcast was recorded remotely.)