Dun & Bradstreet Launches Buyer Intent In The UK

Early Adopters Realise 37% Increase in Email Open Rates and 20% Increase in Return on Ad Spend

London – 1 December, 2020: Dun & Bradstreet, a leading global provider of business decisioning data and analytics, announced today the availability of D&B Buyer Intent in the UK, which enables B2B marketing and sales teams to unmask early-stage buying signals from companies in the market to buy. This early detection of digital signals enables sales and marketing teams to increase the timeliness, relevancy, and impact of their go-to-market strategy.

Marketing teams currently using D&B Buyer Intent report compelling results, including a 37% increase in email open rates. When using D&B Buyer Intent for its own campaigns, Dun & Bradstreet saw a 22% increase in click-through rates, a 20% increase in return on ad spend, and a 13% increase in conversion rates.

“As with every industry, marketing has faced severe disruption from COVID-19. It’s more important than ever to react both quickly and appropriately to buying signals in order to influence purchasing decisions and close sales,” said Adam Leslie, Product & Strategy Leader at Dun & Bradstreet. “Businesses are especially cautious when making purchases in the wake of the pandemic, so identifying the right people and intent now is absolutely crucial. Currently, basic intent signals only indicate interest, not necessarily an intent to buy. But D&B Buyer Intent takes a personalised, precise, and intelligent approach to enabling B2B companies to identify and reach their in-market buyers when it matters most.”

Using a patented process that leverages Natural Language Processing and billions of unique web engagements mapped to the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, D&B Buyer Intent is the most sophisticated way for B2B sales and marketing teams to identify their in-market buyers. It is unique and effective for several reasons:

  • Rather than limit client searches using pre-defined topics typically limited to technology categories, Dun & Bradstreet offers custom models tailored to phrases that are most relevant to each client’s business.
  • Instead of using basic domain-based targeting, D&B Buyer Intent allows more precise targeting of buying locations and aggregation of family signals with the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number.
  • A proprietary buying score identifies companies that are engaging with content related to buying, enabling different treatment strategies based on the type of content with which they are engaging across the buyer journey.

Some examples of ways sales and marketing teams are benefitting from D&B Buyer Intent:

  • Account-based sales: Arming sales teams with buyers that are searching for solutions to save time and be more efficient with prospecting efforts.
  • Lead and account prioritisation: Using early-stage buying signals to prioritise which leads and accounts are selected in campaigns.
  • Account-based advertising: Driving awareness with new and existing accounts that are in-market to increase return on ad spend and drive account engagement.
  • Omni-channel campaign activation: Engaging in-market audiences across all activation mediums such as email, sales, programmatic advertising, social, and TV for less wasted effort, increased response rates, and more wins.

D&B Buyer Intent is the latest in a series of moves Dun & Bradstreet has made to create the most comprehensive view of accounts with Live Business Identity, which combines firmographic data, contact data, analytic insights, digital identifiers, first party intent, and now third-party intent. Along with the recent acquisition of Orb Intelligence, which strengthened the digital data sources of the Data Cloud. In addition, the acquisition of Lattice Engines in 2019 provided the artificial-intelligence (AI)-powered customer data platform which makes it possible to connect first and third-party data to activate more effective account-based marketing strategies.

D&B Buyer Intent is now available in the UK. To view a sample reach report or learn more about how your business can benefit, visit the Dun & Bradstreet website.