The Six Steps of Account-Based Marketing Data Analysis

An inside look at the analytic models Dun & Bradstreet uses to fuel our own account-based strategies

Account-based marketing is a B2B marketer's direct path to driving customer growth and loyalty. While there's been a lot of hype about ABM over the last year, here at Dun & Bradstreet we've been providing the commercial data and analytics our customers use to inform their account-based strategies. It's something we believe in and practice ourselves.

You can do all kinds of analysis gyrations, but it’s critical to align your business based on what that analysis tells you.
Melissa Kofroth, Content Marketing Director, Dun & Bradstreet

That's why our CMO, Rishi Dave, was asked to be a presenter for an online event February 23, 2016 hosted by Engagio, the company created by Marketo co-founder Jon Miller to provide an account-based outbound marketing platform that lets B2B companies navigate and engage target accounts:

ABM Online Workshop

Rishi presented on the best ways to activate data and analytics for selecting and engaging the right contacts at your target companies - a vital process for modern-day ABM. It goes beyond old prospecting models. You can do all kinds of analysis gyrations, but it's critical to align your business based on what that analysis tells you - building a virtuous cycle around the understanding that comes from that analysis and adapting your ABM approach with agility.

Here's the six-step model we use for account-based marketing:

Account based marketing allows you to go beyond historical analysis to provide actionable insights

You'll see firmographics about your customers at the foundation, but that's just the start. As you become increasingly strategic, you gain more sophistication in evaluating risk and opportunity. Advanced analytics are reached when you build precise and nimble predictors of future behavior and propensity to buy, all with a closed-loop program management discipline.

The goal is growth - and employing an analytical ABM model is a journey. It takes a deliberate commitment when establishing a high-quality customer data set enhanced with third-party data and working with your sales teams to deliver data that is consumable and embedded in your combined workflows.

We used to go to market at Dun & Bradstreet based on the size of the customer relationship. Now as we go up the pyramid, we base it on so much more than the company profile. It's making a real difference in how we nurture our customer relationships. It can be the same for you. Listen to the workshop recording to learn more.

Listen Here: ABM Online Workshop