Mastering Digital Transformation Is About Data, Relationships, and Trust

How Master Data Enables the Great Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process, movement, and technical revolution of digital technology entering all aspects of the business world. Everything we touch turns to data, and how we embrace this reality will determine who succeeds and evolves and who gets left behind and rendered obsolete.

We talk so much of digital transformation here at Dun & Bradstreet because so much of our data and technology enables this radical shift in business models and methodologies. A crucial component to digital transformation is dealing with staggering amounts of data, and that’s why Master Data plays a crucial role for companies as they look to bring order and identify new ways to engage with customers and build strong business relationships. Master Data provides the quality and accurate information that organizations need to run their master data management (MDM) solution.

The era of digital transformation provides an opportunity where we can work with data experts and business innovators to launch the modern enterprise into a new era of efficiency, communication, and mutually beneficial relationships. Some of our previous video content has touched on the topic of digital transformation, but we wanted to create a short piece that summarized its inextricable link to Master Data.

The Production Process Brings Understanding

Our biggest challenge in creating this short video was finding the words and creating a storyboard to synthesize the input of our Master Data stakeholders and convey our sense of excitement and commitment to helping organizations not only function but flourish during the digital transformation. Introducing these two themes through video would allow us the visual, auditory, and narrative tools to get our point across; but no matter the medium, presenting complex topics will always remains a challenge. You want to show and say so much in a brief time frame. Each second counts.

The original script was so long that when we presented it to the video production company, they immediately told us it was too complex and detailed and would lack the salient message and inspirational impact that we wanted. After all that hard work and input, I was a bit frustrated, but I knew they were right.

I scheduled a meeting with the video team to see how we could make it better, and during our conversation I understood something exciting had happened. Before we started the project, this film group knew very little about digital transformation and even less about Master Data. As I listened to their suggestions on tightening the script and tweaking the overall messaging, I realized that they now had a basic grasp of Master Data and its crucial role in digital transformation.

So now, after a little over a month and a few rounds of edits, we are excited to show you the video. We hope this piques your interest in the role Master Data plays in digital transformation. Watch it here!