The Five Hurdles to Successful Master Data Management

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To succeed with MDM, think like a smart runner

So you’ve convinced your management team of the need for a master data management initiative, and you’re off and running!

You’re imagining a new scenario at your organization: More efficiencies with teams working together with shared data; Complete and accurate data; A “golden record” that resolves conflicts across platforms; A single view of suppliers and customers!

Not so fast.

Before you reap the benefits of mastered data, you need to embark on a marathon of sorts. This isn’t a quick and easy sprint. The effort, though, will be worth it.

More specifically, if we were to liken MDM to a track-and-field event, we’d compare it to a hurdling event. Why is that? Because like any business process, there are intricacies that can get in your way – hurdles, if you will.

Two of Dun & Bradstreet’s data experts have identified some of the biggest hurdles they’ve come across in their work with client companies that can get in the way of master data efforts.

As you embark on your master data journey, think like a smart runner, pacing yourself and being on the lookout for these hurdles. Be prepared — don’t let them trip you up and take you out of the race. The rewards once you reach the finish line can be substantial.

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