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The Data Strategy Blueprint Series: Data Quality & Integration

Building a structure to bear the load of a successful business requires an intelligent plan. Structural plans start with a foundation and a frame. Today when building plans for CRM, that means solid, high quality data that strengthens the walls of the business, connects power through the organization and pipes in insights about your customers and prospects.

The first in our series topic is focused on helping you design a blueprint for data quality with guidance from the architecture experts at and Dun & Bradstreet.

This e-Book provides a practical starting point for companies looking to build a strong foundation of data quality in CRM to improve reporting capabilities and increase sales productivity.

Through clear best practices and examples for data quality and integration, you can learn how to bolster your sales and marketing success and build profitable long-term business relationships.

The buildings blocks for the Data Quality & Integration blueprint are threefold:

  1. Data is unified - Create a single, integrated view of customers and prospects across sales, marketing and the rest of the business.
  2. Data is Clean - Assure that your data is trustworthy.
  3. Data is Enriched - Develop enhanced profiles that open new opportunities.

The Data Strategy Blueprint Series: Data Quality and Integration

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Download the ebook. delivers premium contact and company profile information sourced from Connect and Dun & Bradstreet, right inside of Salesforce. Learn how you can build a strong foundation for your Salesforce solutions with Dun & Bradstreet data.