The Future of Digital Experiences

Thoughts from the Advertising Week Adobe Think Tank

Digital experiences at scale depend on data. The right information about your B2B audience and their attributes as prospects and professional people can help you make a relevant connection.

Our partner Adobe invited Dun & Bradstreet CEO, Bob Carrigan and Global VP, Advertising Market Development, Ed Carey to join the conversation during Advertising Week and weigh in on the future of digital experiences. 

Both Bob and Ed had a lot to say about Dun & Bradstreet’s role in this future. You can view the videos filmed in the “Street Tank”, a glass sound studio on wheels parallel parked in NYC. Below is Bob's Q&A where the discusison is about Dun & Bradstreet's important role in helping customers create an effective data management strategy.


There is no mission dearer to Dun & Bradstreet than bringing our customers the data insights they rely on to create the best experiences for their most valuable customers and prospects.

Here is the Q&A with Ed Carey where he talks about deterministic data and the value of the D-U-N-S Number in the digital world – like the “steel thread” that connects businesses to their customers.

Following are a few of the ideas that came out of the Street Tank. They illustrate how Dun & Bradstreet and Adobe have partnered to help companies drive improved targeting in their B2B digital marketing campaigns (and beyond!) with deterministic fact-based data within the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Science and Art of Marketing

Digital marketing in particular has shown how much science is driving the art (both message and imagery) involved in campaign success. First, the science – it’s all about data and analysis. There is a huge measure of data strategy in the background before a single word, image, or offer is created.

You’ve got to know who your audience is and the data/cookies/IP/mobile devices to target them. Chances are, your first party data is indicative of your best targets and can lead you on the path to identify more contacts who look like your best customers.

Who knew the 17th century definition of the Scientific Method would define A/B testing!

But, if you’re expanding your reach or have holes in your first party details, you’ll need to fill the gaps. Dun & Bradstreet’s partner relationship with Adobe means that you can enrich and augment your first party data with key firmographic details to improve the “science” for your campaigns, and access a whole universe of new audiences for digital targeting. Even more, we can help you get to known anonymous site visitors to further build out and refine your audience(s) on an ongoing basis.


Now for the art part of the equation. Who knew in the 17th century that the definition of the scientific method would define A/B testing? You can use this method of “systematic observation, measurement, experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses” to define art - in this case as you test the best performing display and messages.

Data Management - A Strategy for Marketers Too

Digital experiences are being created everywhere and they are generating waves of big data. That brings a new challenge to you as a marketer – how to harmonize data across siloed platforms and differing approaches so that you can understand your audience. That includes how you are communicating with them and all the points of interconnection. If you are like the growing number of B2B marketers embracing Account-Based Marketing, knowing your target accounts and coordinating your efforts across marketing and sales can make the difference between campaigns that are scientific and personalized versus those adrift and disconnected.

Even more, having a steel thread connection that ties all your customer data together makes measurement and campaign attribution more complete and accurate. For Dun & Bradstreet, that “steel thread” is the D-U-N-S® Number. It can stitch together company and contact data used across platforms to link together both online and offline customer engagement activities and improve measurement


B2C marketers have worked hard to create a personal touch experience online. B2B marketers too can provide a high touch experience that closely mirrors what your B2C peers are already doing. One of the early fails of B2B digital marketing was the reliance on probabilistic data – you know, that data that might be right, might have been modeled, and might not be relevant? With fact-based “deterministic” information, you can create personal and relevant experiences (aka relationships) dynamically to provide that high touch experience that B2B customers and prospects desire. Now you define and participate in the customer journey as it unfolds.

The future of digital experiences is already happening around us!

Watch these videos from the Street Tank, Adobe Think Tank - Advertising Week 2016.

The first Q&A is with Bob Carrigan disussing how companies can create an effective data management strategy. The second video is with Ed Carey where he talks about deterministic data.