Whitepaper: How to Build a Killer Strategic Account Plan

Every business wants to create a faster path from prospect to profitable customer. With the growing complexity of the B2B buying process, the nature of customer relationships have fundamentally changed. Customers are delaying interactions with businesses and are not responding to traditional tactics such as outbound calls and emails.

In this changing landscape, B2B marketing and sales teams have increasingly turned to account-based marketing and sales approaches to drive better alignment with the digital customer journey. To really succeed in account-based approaches, you need to start with a solid strategic account plan.

Download this free whitepaper to learn how to build a strategic account plan that will move you into accelerators faster, easier, and with more predictability.

This is the guide every salesperson needs to read before creating a strategic account plan.

You'll also receive the companion template so you can begin creating your plans right away!

This guide will cover:

  1. What is a Strategic Account Plan?
  2. Why have a Strategic Account Plan?
  3. Who should create it?
  4. Preparing to create the Strategic Account Plan
  5. What should make it into a Strategic Account Plan?
  6. What should NOT be included in the Strategic Account Plan?
  7. Do's and don'ts
  8. Implementing the Strategic Account Plan
  9. How can Dun & Bradstreet help you create your Strategic Account Plan?


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