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Customer Story: How Sierra Wireless Scaled Growth with RevTech

Using RevTech to Grow Marketing ROI

Sierra Wireless saw exciting increases in ROI and conversions when they used Rev.Up ABX to scale and automate their account-based-marketing efforts.

Need: Kick-Starting Growth with Scaled ABM

Sierra Wireless is a leader in a device-to-cloud solutions for the Internet of Things. The company provides an integrated IoT solution with end-to-end security so that an organization can connect their thing out in the field, whether that's a vehicle, a smart meter, a utility grid, or a piece of industrial equipment to their back office.

The company wanted to improve the return on their marketing dollars spent and knew account-based experiences at scale was the way to go. Their marketing team had already grown their marketing-sourced pipeline from 3% to 25%, but then that growth flattened. So, they wanted to kickstart their growth to drive another jump.

They ran a couple of manual ABM campaigns with good results, but needed to scale those efforts to truly drive ROI. To add to their inefficiency, they were using a lot of disparate tools and wanted to unify their tech stack.

They had a couple of other problems to solve, too. The majority of Sierra’s pipeline was coming from campaigns based on segment and product. They have done work to optimize their funnel, but started seeing diminishing returns. They wanted to drive personalized buying experiences to accelerate results.

They also saw that their conversions were limited by the lead scoring in their existing sales tech and wanted some improvements to that.

They looked to RevTech for the answer.

Solution:  Improved Buyer Insights and Automation with RevTech

Sierra Wireless is now using Rev.Up ABX to drive better results and get the most from their marketing dollars spent.

D&B Rev.Up ABX is Dun & Bradstreet’s RevTech platform that allows marketing and sales teams to

  • Bring together 1st and 3rd party data for better understanding of their accounts
  • Target and build audiences
  • Activate across channels
  • Engage with personalized experiences
  • Measure impact on buying journeys

For Sierra Wireless, D&B Rev.Up ABX and its embedded CDP allow the company’s marketing and sales teams to unify and cleanse their data for a single view of accounts so that they can target the right audiences for their marketing and sales plays. Plus, they can layer in buying signals like intent, tech installs, and other segmentation variables to ensure that they’re spending their marketing dollars and sales efforts on the accounts most likely to buy.

With cleaner data, they can also better personalize marketing and sales plays – which is the key to reaching and engaging buyers in the current digital buying environment.

They were able to save time and scale their efforts by automating a lot of the work that had been manual for them: more automated list generation, activation, and measurement of the influence their marketing had on accounts and opportunities.

The icing on the cake was predictive account scoring – linked with Salesforce – that allowed their sales team to better see which accounts were ripe for engagement.

Result: Exceeding Growth Targets

Once Sierra Wireless put D&B Rev.Up ABX to work for them, they saw some astounding growth in key metrics – and numbers that exceeded their expectations.

  • 38X ROI
  • 43% lift in pipeline ROI
  • 113% lift in pipeline
  • From 12.6% CTR to 60% for Google ads using Dun & Bradstreet data
  • 3X – 6X lift in conversion rate

They’re now excited about the possibilities that ABM + RevTech hold for them and their future growth.

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