Prioritizing Sales Outreach by Harnessing Data

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A Deeper Understanding of Accounts at NI

NI develops automated test and automated measurement systems that help engineers and enterprises solve the world’s toughest challenges. Through all phases of the product development cycle, NI’s tailored, software-connected approach helps make visions a reality for their customers across diverse industries including semiconductor, automotive, aerospace and defense, electronics, energy, and academic and research. NI anchors on its core values to “Be Bold, Be Kind, and Be Connectors” while challenging the world to “Engineer Ambitiously.” Read the full case study here.

Prioritizing and Optimizing Outreach

Providing sales reps with a deeper understanding of prospects within their accounts to help prioritize opportunities is key to smarter lead management. You need to understand account intent and engagement to know if and when the need is there and the timing is right. It’s even better when you have the tools that make it easier to reach out at the right time, with the right message, across relevant platforms.

According to Joe Quinn, Director of High Touch Demand at NI, “Our sales team is already expert at knowing the accounts to be working with. My team’s objective is to provide additional insights – for example, who is showing interest and purchasing intent, and in what areas. This helps our sales reps hone their strategies, whether it’s a new sales play, a cross-sell, or an upsell opportunity.”

With so many data points flowing into an organization it can be hard to determine where to prioritize outreach or when to engage. Informed sales plays can help a good sales team become great.

FIGURE 1 D&B Lattice implementation at NI.

D&B Lattice combines buying signals from disparate applications throughout the NI organization. This includes considering first- and third-party intent along with other account factors such as past revenue, future revenue potential, platform fit, and more. To support campaign efforts, drive better cross-functional alignment, and obtain a stronger ROI, the marketing team activates these insights with targeted, personalized sales plays in Salesforce based on high-fit, in-market segments. These insights are delivered in Salesforce along with seller enablement for account manager activation and account buying history by product line.

Pilot Program Highlights

NI has been thoughtful and strategic in their D&B Lattice implementation as they’ve built out sales plays and launched the solution to their sales organization. The strategy continues to gain momentum across their global markets, and NI is looking forward to evolving the program further into 2021.

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