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How a Non-Profit First Aid Provider Grew Their Market Share

The Index analyzes the socio-economic, physical trade and business continuity factors

Every year, millions of people can help save the lives of others if they have received the proper training and awareness of what to do when an emergency medical situation arises. This leading service provider and educator non-profit organization is on a mission is to teach people first aid so they can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved. They found a unique way to deliver corporate training services and fund their charitable organization at the same time.

The Challenge

Non-profit organizations often struggle with securing the funding they need to operate. This first aid provider had found a profitable way to generate revenue to sustain their organization through corporate training programs. To drive success with these programs, their commercial division created a centralized marketing function. Early on, the new marketing group saw that there was duplication of effort and services with key accounts across their local organizations.

Working with Dun & Bradstreet has not only helped us understand our business better, it has allowed us to focus on growing the opportunities with the most potential. Being able to fully understand an organization’s structure has helped us define a more customized training solution for our prospective corporate clients. Without Dun & Bradstreet’s corporate linkage providing this detailed view of the customer we would have been unable to approach and engage our audience in such a specific way.
Non-Profit Marketing Manager

The Solution

With the goal of growing their market share in corporate training and defining a targeted prospect universe of organizations that meet their key account profile criteria, this non-profit engaged Dun & Bradstreet to help them build a more robust prospect targeting universe and gain a better understanding of their key account portfolio to streamline and more effectively distribute accounts and new opportunities across their sales regions.

How It Works

To give this non-profit organization a single view of businesses in their targeting profile, Dun & Bradstreet:

  • Matched the data in the existing customer base to the Dun & Bradstreet global business database
  • Appended the D-U-N-S Number (a unique company identifier)
  • Proceeded to cleanse and standardize the data so it could be loaded into the D&B Market Insight tool
  • Finally, once the data was in Market Insight, it was enhanced with key firmographic variables such as SIC codes, creating a much more robust and defined profile of this non-profit’s key accounts.


This detailed process allowed this non-profit organization to better understand their existing key accounts with much more detail than previously, as corporate family trees became visible. From a marketing perspective this helped the team create a key account definition, as well as aid the process of duplicate removal (once accounts were viewed from the top level of the family tree rather than down at a local level). In terms of driving growth, the data in Market Insight was scored using a look-alike model to provide a prospect universe to engage potential key accounts. The marketing team then designed a program to support the sales strategy with a partnership approach.

Results & ROI

Prior to engagement with Dun & Bradstreet, the sales teams would use cold calling and desk research to try and understand a prospect organization, an inefficient use of resources. And while the sales team still may do some research to enhance the client conversation, they now have access to a single customer view in their targeted prospect universe to drive a much more effective outcome.

This organization’s marketing team is hands-on in their use of Dun & Bradstreet’s Market Insight tool, and they work collaboratively with Dun & Bradstreet to continue to refine and enhance their prospect targeting activities. The de-duplication and linkage alone has made them more efficient and saved money on servicing businesses from a branch or local level to a group level.

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