Data-driven initiatives to accelerate growth

How Munters – a global leader in energy-efficient air treatment and climate solutions – is giving its marketing a data-driven sense of direction.

“Since we know who we are targeting with the advertising, it’s the people we want to reach who are actually visiting our website. We see real bumps in the website traffic, thanks to this targeted advertising…”
Ulrika Bergström, AirTech Regional Marketing Manager, EMEA, Munters

BEFORE: Tactical targeting driven by quarterly sales imperatives.

AFTER: Modern marketing methods harnessing rich data for multiple opportunities.

PRODUCTS USED: D&B Rev.Up™ ABX for Ads and D&B Hoovers Audience Builder



Munters is a world-leading supplier of climate control solutions, offering innovative, efficient and sustainable systems for customers in industries where controlling indoor humidity, temperature and energy efficiency is mission-critical.

Potentially, that’s an audience of millions across multiple industry and residential sectors. While such a broad market may sound like an enviable opportunity for growth, it also presents at least three fundamental challenges:

  • Who exactly to target?
  • What precisely to say?
  • When best to say it?

For Munters, answering questions like these was important to identifying new growth opportunities — a responsibility that traditionally belonged to the sales teams

Understandably, these teams would gravitate towards existing accounts and the sectors they knew best as they focused on meeting their shorter-term targets. This left little scope for thinking about longer-term market opportunities, testing the most effective messaging, selecting the most targeted channels, or deciding the best moment to make contact.

Accessing more and better sales opportunities meant it was time to go back to marketing basics, starting with targeting.

“We’ve come a long way in a short time ─ and we’re looking forward to going even further, even faster in future!”
Ulrika Bergström, AirTech Regional Marketing Manager, EMEA, Munters


It was at this point that Munters turned to Dun & Bradstreet. The client understood that, with their market being so broad, the key question was how many untapped prospects were being missed by adopting a short-term, sales-driven approach to their targeting?


It made sense to cast their net more widely with data-driven solutions that could perform the task simply and cost-effectively, delivering value for money and ROI. With the right solutions, there was a tangible opportunity to broaden their market and create a great synergy between sales and marketing too.

Munters started by using Dun & Bradstreet’s D&B Rev.Up™ ABX for Ads: a powerful account-based advertising and customer data platform designed to identify and engage a company’s best prospects across various media. This solution was initially used to target a segment of large companies within specific verticals across Europe and Asia with digital advertising.

To create even richer insights and optimise targeting, Munters also leveraged D&B Hoovers Audience Builder to narrow the audience segments which it combined with D&B Rev.Up™ ABX for Ads for the delivery of the advertising campaign.


The initial results from these initiatives have been encouraging. Not just for immediate tactical sales leads but for long-term strategic market analysis too.

Munters is now mapping the lists from these solutions to their CRM accounts, gaining the opportunity to use this enriched data for many other purposes including offering the sales teams new touchpoints and using adverts more effectively on platforms like LinkedIn. In addition to these immediate advantages, there is the potential of using Dun & Bradstreet data from a market analysis point of view to grow the market in the longer term too.

The client is supported by a 7-strong account management team from Dun & Bradstreet to help its marketing team get the most from the D&B Rev.Up™ ABX for Ads solution in particular. It’s a personal touch that was certainly one of the key factors that prompted Munters to select Dun & Bradstreet after reviewing a range of potential suppliers.

Naturally, data quality was also a critical consideration along with the right size of company and value for money.

The relationship looks strong for the future too. Munters is now building a very modern, strategic, data-driven way of approaching their marketing and making great progress towards defining the detailed business outcomes they want on a campaign-by-campaign basis. For some campaigns, that might be about brand building. For others, driving website traffic. For others, conversion.

Further progress towards even more targeted and automated campaigns is certainly within reach using techniques such as tracking conversion directly into the CRM solution and gaining better analytics using tools such as D&B Rev.Up for Web.

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