How to Grow Your Business with Interconnected Systems

Incompatible technologies aren’t just an inconvenience. Without some careful bridge-building, they can actually create more distance between you and your customers.

At the outset, we weren’t worried about disconnected systems, disjointed data sets and the fragmented customer knowledge resulting from them. We were more concerned about the job to be done – and doing it the best and most efficient way possible. We chose tools to help us. In turn, those technologies shaped how our data was structured and organized. Other teams around the organization did the same thing, until one day, we discovered our pocket of buyer information didn’t jive with someone else’s.

Lesson learned: Technologies that don’t talk to each other make it harder for teams (and their data sets) to talk to each other. And to deliver a seamless customer experience, we have to collaborate. To learn more about the value of interconnected systems and teams, watch the video below.