Video: Accelerating Sales with Data and Analytics

Dun & Bradstreet’s former CMO explains 3 ways to drive B2B sales

The ability to understand everything about a potential buyer – their needs, their challenges, and their industry – is critical to the success of today’s modern B2B organization. But having rich insights on buyers is only the first step on the road to closing new business.

Real success is achieved from gathering data and insights and deploying the latter intelligently, in real-time, across systems and teams in ways that the right people get the insight, understand it, and action on it at exactly the perfect moment that really drives business. We call this sales acceleration, and it’s changing the way sellers and marketers work together.

Sales Acceleration

Dun & Bradstreet’s former CMO, Rishi Dave, recently sat down with industry analyst, Michael Krigsman, to discuss how data and analytics has flipped traditional B2B marketing and sales on its head. 


Dave believes marketers play just as big of a role as sellers in driving revenue. Working together, and using data and analytics across every step of the buyer’s journey, he believes, is the key to transforming sales.



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