Improving Performance Across The Enterprise

Business Performance eBook

Data is widely considered the “new oil” that will drive growth and change in the new millennium, but the fact is that data is only as good as the insights derived from it. Data alone doesn’t tell a story. In the same way that crude oil is just thick, sticky goop until it is refined into fuel and other useful commodities, data is just noise unless it is structured, analyzed, and used to answer important questions. Companies are collecting more data than ever but often times aren’t able to use it to its full advantage. And unfortunately, this means data is often treated like common gravel rather than precious gems.

For organizations getting it right — the ones who are effectively organizing, managing, analyzing, and activating their data through a variety of tools and technologies — data is proving to be a valuable asset that’s accelerating the pace of innovation and transforming the status quo. According to Forrester, insights-driven companies are growing at a rate of 30% annually1. When companies integrate relevant data throughout their enterprise, they’re able to establish a single, trusted view of their customers, prospects, and partners — the relationships that are the life and soul of the business. These trusted views form the foundation for better decision making, which in turn helps improve performance in key areas such as accelerating revenue, reducing cost, managing risk, and transforming the business.

Improving Business Performance with Data and Insights

For 177 years, Dun & Bradstreet’s mission has been to help customers leverage critical data and insights to improve business performance. We work with banks to automate decisioning for their underwriting process; we help auto suppliers monitor changes to their supply chain; and, we partner with companies who are evolving in a shifting marketplace to give them digital insights on their markets and personas. The data and insights we offer are vital to customers, of any size, industry or geography.

Our differentiated business performance solutions surface the right data and insights for a range of use cases. From accelerating revenue through better segmentation of markets and intelligent prospecting, to reducing costs associated with supplier onboarding, to managing credit or compliance risk and ultimately transforming the business through a unified view of business relationships, Dun & Bradstreet’s solutions put data and insights to work for our customers every day. You can read more about how we help drive performance in our new eBook.


Business Performance eBook