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The Q2 2024 GBOI survey results suggest that manufacturing businesses around the world are expecting to turn the corner. In the current survey, for the first time since the reports began, businesses have shared a favorable view on input cost pressures; moreover, confidence in financial conditions has remained unchanged from Q1 2024, implying that businesses are coping well with relatively tight financial conditions.

The survey has again indicated that confidence in supply chain continues to remain shaky, mainly due to forced rerouting of shipments on the back of geopolitical events. One in seven businesses indicate that recent geopolitical events impacted their operations due to supply chain disruption. In fact, most companies said they felt the biggest impact of recent geopolitical events through delays or cancellations of their investment plans, closely followed by higher operational costs.

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What is GBOI?

A comprehensive exploration of business optimism worldwide. The report delves into the aspirations and sentiments of business leaders to bring you a holistic perspective on the economic landscape.

Key Indices

What Makes Our GBOI Unique?

Consistent sample across the five indices; consistency in model and methodology
across countries;
availability of five indices from a single source

Survey of ~10,000 businesses across 32 economies, 17 sectors, and 3 business sizes

GBOI is an essential tool for guiding strategic decisions

The indices cater to a broad range of executives, including CEOs, CFOs, CIOs,
CPOs, CMOs and CSOs

The survey captures data at a sector level and covers
thematic topics

Unique offering for ESG index

Scope and Precision

Our report – which covers 32 economies (accounting for approximately 70% of global GDP) – is a synthesis of data from a comprehensive survey involving approximately 10,000 businesses. This extensive reach ensures that the insights provided are representative and reflective of diverse global perspectives.

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As businesses navigate an ever-changing global landscape, Dun & Bradstreet's GBOI equips you with the foresight needed to make informed decisions. Stay ahead of the curve, anticipate market shifts, and position your business for success with our comprehensive quarterly insights.


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