Study: Conquering Compliance

Study: Conquering Compliance

We live in a world of political and economic uncertainty – the impact of Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the impending changes in leadership across several major European nations; all of this impacts businesses across all sectors. Within this environment, the role of the compliance function has never been more vital to banks and other financial organisations.

Exploring the Role of Data for Compliance Professionals

Compliance teams protect their businesses from threats, whether ethical, regulatory or financial, but their ability to do so is defined by the information they can gather on prospective customers, partners and suppliers. Accessing this data and turning it into insight is a huge challenge and it’s one that, by and large, sits with the compliance team.

To learn more about the challenges facing these teams within today’s finance industry, and to see how well prepared they feel for an increasingly complex future, we surveyed 100 compliance professionals from across UK based financial institutions and banks.

The results tell the story of compliance teams labouring under the dual demands of regulatory compliance and business growth.

At a time when these teams are at their most vital, compliance professionals are being stretched further than they ever have before.

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