Unlocking the Power of Human Connection Through Data

Author: Sam Tidswell-Norrish, International CMO at Dun & Bradstreet & Noor Sugrue, Founder & CEO at Vintro

For businesses of all shapes and sizes, how you scale your business is key to success – and the challenge when you set up a business is often about making the right decisions that enable growth. To this end, it’s as much about who you know as what you know.

Having served businesses for nearly 200 years globally, Dun & Bradstreet knows what it takes to compete, grow and thrive in the best and worst of times. But we also appreciate that advice from our peers - the who - is just as vital in order to flourish.

Which is why we partnered with Vintro, an emerging platform enabling any and all individuals to grow their business or develop their idea by making the right connections. In a world where networking has never been more challenging because of current restrictions, the guarantee of connecting to someone who has the resources to help your venture has never been more compelling.

Introducing Vintro

Founded in 2017 by then 16-year-old student, Noor Sugrue, Vintro was born from the idea that everyone, wherever they come from, should have access to a network who can help them make that first step. It shouldn’t be about the luck of circumstance, chance or serendipity.

Networking is inefficient at the best of times. It takes time and money, focus and energy. And while live events are currently impossible, digital events are even more challenging. There’s never any assurance of a connection or a response.

With Vintro, you’re guaranteed the time and attention from the leaders and investors you need to grow – simply choose from a diverse pool of industry experts, make your video pitch and seize your opportunity.

This is vital for emerging enterprises. From informing decisions on what product or service to invest in, how to present their brand and how to secure funding, the advice that small and medium sized businesses receive from day one is essential to success.

Founder, Noor Sugrue says: “Vintro is a game changer. Little did we know when we started out that we would be faced with a pandemic of epic proportions. It’s served to highlight the disparity of resources available to people. Our mission is to help level the playing field, opening doors and finally giving everyone who has a business or an idea the opportunity to have their shot at success.”

But the capabilities of Vintro extends beyond just SMEs. Whatever stage your business is at, Vintro can connect organisations that are seeking funding with investors, support new client and procurement opportunities, as well as grant entrepreneurs access to advice and mentorship from a vast network of industry experts.

“Whether you are seeking an investor, or looking for advice, there’s someone on Vintro who has the resources to help you and they guarantee to give you feedback.

“The leaders we speak to are united in our mission to help businesses succeed. Every one of them has had help from someone along the way, and they’re excited to give back,” said Noor.

A profitable partnership for all

Our Dun & Bradstreet Accelerate partnership platform is always on the lookout for market-leading solutions that support our clients, especially new models and capabilities in the sales and marketing solutions segment. Vintro is a powerful platform for businesses of all shapes and sizes, with a mission to accelerate global opportunity and innovation for all. Combine it with the far-reaching B2B data, insights and AI-driven platforms of Dun & Bradstreet, it’s a recipe for business success.

“Our partnership will be transformative. It helps both businesses and our Vintro leaders alike,” says Noor. “First, we can get our message out there to many more businesses who can benefit from Vintro and second, our leaders have the surety that comes from Dun & Bradstreet accredited businesses pitching to them.”

And, beyond just gaining access to high-quality connections, Vintro customers can also benefit from access to Dun & Bradstreet data on hundreds of millions of global companies, and the subsequent solutions for growth acceleration that Dun & Bradstreet offers. This allows organisations to discover commonalities between them that supports their growth, underpinned by reliable, accurate and secure information.

Overall, it’s a mutually beneficial approach that can reap success for all parties involved: Vintro, Dun & Bradstreet and businesses around the world.

“Enterprises need Vintro now more than ever. The economic and societal upheaval caused by COVID-19 across the globe needs leaders to step up and help. Vintro gives them the means to do that. It allows the business leaders to filter great ideas at scale and in a much more effective manner than responding to every email which is an impossible task,” continued Noor.

By leaning on the opportunities and insights afforded by both Vintro and Dun & Bradstreet, we can look to an entrepreneurial-led recovery and emerge far stronger from the impact of the pandemic by sharing in our knowledge, investing in a data-led approach and reaching out to the right connections.

Together, we can fuel growth in a pandemic-burdened world – and beyond.