Ready for a Data-Driven Future? Introducing D&B Accelerate

The Business World is Changing Faster Than Ever Before.

To keep up, businesses need to make fast, intelligent decisions. And to do that, they need to harness the power of data.

The world has never had so much data. By the end of 2020, there will be around 40 trillion gigabytes of it. Some 90% of data has been created in the last few years alone.

In an uncertain economic climate, this data can help businesses mitigate risk, pre-empt problems and take decisive, data-driven action – whether that’s anticipating supply chain issues or responding to market changes.

Yet merely having data isn’t enough.

To unlock its value, data needs to be authenticated, interpreted and combined with established expertise. That’s a big ask for any businesses. And it’s why we believe collaboration is the future of business - something that has always been important to Dun & Bradstreet. Throughout our 179-year history, our repository of business information has guided our clients, enabling them to make intelligent decisions through the good times and the bad.

Today, we’re proud to announce we’re redefining how we collaborate.

We’ve expanded our partner programme globally to help businesses unleash the power of data. We are connecting our partners’ industry-specific knowledge and technology with our own data intelligence – enabling growth through co-innovation.

We call it D&B Accelerate.

Looking to the future

D&B Accelerate brings together our repository of 360 million business records and data expertise with the technology platforms and delivery channels of other leading companies – resulting in an unbeatable coalescence of data, technology and expertise.

It’s a one-stop-shop for those looking to embrace a future built on intelligence and insight. Whether businesses are looking for data-driven risk management solutions, onboarding tools, marketing insights to assist with targeting or sales acceleration tools, the powerful alliance of our solutions with our partners’ infrastructure will ensure that clients only need to go to one place to find a data-enabled capability to solve their pain points.

This is something that can benefit all businesses: from start-ups to global corporations. We know that no matter what category a business falls into, growth is challenging – and that’s even without a global pandemic.

Whether we’re working with an ambitious start-up or a legacy-laden corporation, our aim is to remove the barriers to entry and place everyone on an equal footing, helping businesses grow, compete and thrive through strategic collaboration and co-innovation.

Together, we will help our joint clients accelerate their growth in meaningful and innovative ways, and achieve a competitive edge by meeting evolving customer demands.

A global initiative

D&B Accelerate will initially cover five key regions, with a fully global rollout planned across our entire international footprint. The programme will bring together over 200 existing alliances and create new, powerful collaborations around the world.

D&B Accelerate is designed to support businesses operating in a globally interconnected environment, all bound by a common goal: how to effectively leverage data.

We know that turning large quantities of data into customised, actionable, time-saving solutions is vital to thrive. And D&B Accelerate does this by going beyond just providing data.

It gives businesses a suite of mission-critical tools that will enable them to fully leverage the power of data. By working with other leading organisations, we can help businesses make data-driven business decisions tailored specifically to their industry and strategic direction.

The programme is only getting started and will continue to develop over the coming months.

We’re looking forward to expanding on D&B Accelerate in the future. We can’t wait to help our partners and our joint clients thrive in a data-driven future.

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