Webinar: Driving Growth with Analytics

Best Practices for Leveraging Analytics to Improve Business Outcomes

How important are analytics in driving opportunities for your company?

It's a question more and more organisations are asking themselves as they struggle to transform their data into actionable insights in order to drive growth. And while businesses of all shapes and sizes aspire to make decisions based on data and analytics, most cannot visualise how best to achieve this. Our 2016 Enterprise Analytics Study explored the state of analytics maturity across today's leading organisations and uncovered the main challenges organisations are facing in their quest to become analytically driven.

Whether you're using analytics for finance, marketing, compliance, or supply, watch our webinar to understand:

  • The key findings from our 2016 Enterprise Analytics Study
  • The main challenges faced in using analytics to deliver a competitive advantage
  • How your analytics function compares to other organizations
  • How you could be better leveraging analytics as a driver for growth

Featuring a Q&A session with Dun & Bradstreet's own former Chief Analytics Officer, Nipa Basu.

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