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Greater Monitoring & Insights on Your Global Risk

Monitoring and alerts available in over 200 countries around the worldGet Global Alerts Now

Monitor Accounts in 220 Countries Across the Globe.

Organisations with a very global business base, and hence a risk profile that is spread across many territories each with varying degrees of ‘unknowns’ are likely to benefit from a single and consistent view across virtually all territories.

By analysing and monitoring risk built upon common and harmonised data, a robust comparative risk analysis can be built and maintained.

Be alerted ONLY on changes that you deem significant.

The reporting, alerting and monitoring abilities that are now available to clients is the manifestation of the biggest and most sophisticated database infrastructure in the industry consisting of the largest database of organisations across the widest number of countries.

  • Globally consistent reporting and monitoring across all organisations in 220 countries.
  • Alerts can be configured to user-desired parameters (so only being alerted on what you deem is important) providing earlier warning signs helping to avoid impending shocks.
  • Complex businesses can segment their customer portfolio providing the desired management level overview, for example, by; country, industry, risk rating etc.
  • A most valued feature is the ability to establish corporate linkages and hence identify connected risks that may have hitherto been missed across large organisational groups. This provides a significant support to regulatory reporting requirements.

Benefits to Risk Management

International data coverage is one of D&B's key differentiators. Organisations with an international customer base or a global supply chain will see commercial benefit from this enhanced functionality.

The ability to proactively monitor and be alerted on changes in customer and suppliers financial health should drive better decisions and on-going account reviews as data will be more globally current and dynamic.

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