Master Data. Essential for Digital Transformation.

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Enabling Digital Transformation Through Trusted Data

Digital transformation is the process, movement, and technical revolution of digital technology entering all aspects of the business world. Everything we touch turns to data, and how we embrace this reality will determine who succeeds and evolves and who gets left behind and rendered obsolete. Digital transformation is about automating and optimizing enterprise workflows and establishing, enhancing, and sustaining strong and lasting business relationships founded on trustworthy and accurate data - Master Data.

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The Details of Digital Transformation Design

In their report "How to Design Digital Business Transformation," the experts at Gartner explain why successful digital business transformation requires a fundamental business model upgrade by changing the value proposition. Making intelligent, data-inspired changes to the value proposition can help ensure an organization's long-term success.

How Master Data Enables Digital Transformation

Digital transformation runs on data, but data takes many forms, definitions, and structures – making it virtually impossible for business information to have a coherent voice. To unite these various forms of data hiding in their silos, the modern enterprise needs a structure, a common language – a uniform way to tag, define, integrate, and align on the journey to digital transformation. This type of structured data is called Master Data, and in the following video we provide a quick introduction to how it can help your organization truly harness the power and progress of digital transformation.