Dun & Bradstreet Global Trade Program

Share your trade data with Dun & Bradstreet and get paid faster

Accelerate your company’s revenue growth – and reduce D.S.O. (Days Sales Outstanding) and bad debt – when you share your Accounts Receivable information with the world’s largest commercial trade network. Participation in Dun & Bradstreet’s Global Trade Program is a powerful way to let your customers know you expect to be paid promptly. When customers know you share your Accounts Receivable data with Dun & Bradstreet, you’ll improve the timeliness of your receivables by influencing the behavior of potentially slow-paying customers.

Our Trade Payment Programme offers the means to share and access highly predictive payment information. When businesses participate in the D&B Trade Payment Programme, they join a powerful network of Trade Partners providing over 265 million accounts receivable updates in the UK alone, with 4000 businesses providing across Europe, covering both prompt and beyond term payments. Multiple invoices from the same supplier in a period of time are grouped together to form the Trade Experiences we use to calculate our Scores and Ratings.

Why join our Global Trade Data Program?

At no cost, your business can support the credit community and sharing of customer payment experiences with these added benefits:

  • Free of charge data exchange
  • Early warning of customers who may pose a risk
  • Improve DSO and cash flow through D&B labels
  • How your customers pay you in comparison to other suppliers and suppliers within the same industry
  • See what your best customers look like in terms of payment record, Company size, Company age and Industry type

Why is Payment data so important?

  • 80% of failed businesses exhibit delayed or fluctuating payments
  • Provides up-to-date payment habits, financials typically being 9 months later
  • Significantly increases predictiveness

Join D&B’s Trade Payment Programme and join the 4000 business already providing data across Europe.  By providing your Accounts Receivable file on a monthly basis, we have no set file format to make it as easy as we can to join.  The data is shared anonymously and confidentially.  To join or to find out more please contact 01628 492982.


Our Commitment to You

Accounts receivable data can have a significant impact on Dun & Bradstreet reports making it imperative that all potential trade suppliers be evaluated in a consistent manner. This qualification process is proprietary and will not be shared externally. Dun & Bradstreet reserves the right to deny participation in the Dun & Bradstreet trade reporting program.

How Does it Work?

To learn more about the program in your country, please select your country within the Country List and you'll be connected to either an information page or provided with contact information.

Trade Partner Spotlight

“Two years ago we became a Trade provider with Dun & Bradstreet. At first we were reluctant to share our client information with D&B. D&B informed us they hold this information with the strictest of confidence and there were ways we could benefit from sharing this information. We decided to give it a try. After sharing our information, D&B identified several of our customers who were paying us promptly, had requested extended credit terms, but discovered they were not paying their other suppliers. We also identified some traits of our best customers, and used this information to seek out new customers…of which we just closed a $500k sale.” – Sr. VP Collections, U.S. Auto Manufacturing
"I am very pleased with Dun & Bradstreet Trade Exchange. I have found it very easy to transfer information to Dun & Bradstreet. I note on all invoices that we "report all receivables to Dun & Bradstreet". It is amazing how customers who had procrastinated mailing in payment now pay within 2 weeks normally. Most businesses that want to stay on top do not want anything negative on their Dun & Bradstreet account and make sure payment is made promptly to ensure their credit standing is very good." – Accounts Receivable Specialist
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