DUNSRight Quality Process

Highest quality data. Continuously updated. Always at your fingertips.


We strive to obtain as complete a set of records as available for the universe of interest (e.g. all the businesses in Germany, all the pharmaceutical manufactures in Southeast Asia, small business in U.S.)


We look at individual data elements such as total sales, number of employees, SIC code, etc. that make up a business record to asses how complete a record is for use


Given the constant pace of business change, we assess how we are keeping up with the rate of change for various data elements (e.g. how quickly an executive change is updated)


We strive to deliver data that meets the needs of customers intended use cases & those that require precision (e.g. an exact sales figure vs. model and range.)


Global Data Collection brings together data curated from tens of thousands of sources.


Incoming data elements are verified and matched with their correct entity through our identity Resolution process


The unique D‑U‑N‑S Number is assigned creating 'corporate fingerprint' for each entity


We identify linkage (i.e., relationships) and connections between entities to create corporate hierarchies (aka 'family trees')


Data is enriched with ratings and scores using our predictive and prescriptive indicators