Reduce Cost

Automate credit decisions, optimize cash flow, lower cost of sales, and improve operating efficiency

Achieve Operational Efficiency

Given the pace of change in today’s business world, B2B organizations must make decisions faster than ever while not sacrificing — or while even improving — their level of accuracy. Most are required to not only know what’s happening today but also accurately anticipate tomorrow’s needs.

79% of CPOs that believe cost reduction is the top priority as they look to support growth in an uncertain market

Deloitte, 2017

79 percent illustration

Reduce Cost Across Departments

With the pressure to improve operational efficiency and scale back spending, almost every department is turning to data and analytics to drive meaningful savings.

Finance leaders are now accountable for and involved in a gamut of activities ranging from the detailed, tactical reporting that they’ve always been responsible for to the overarching strategic direction of the business. At once charged with helping to grow the business, it’s clear that the responsibilities and charter of the team have expanded in scope and complexity. And the goals of compliance and third-party risk management leaders are moving beyond managing risk to helping increase profitability and maximize working capital. Even sales and marketing must keep an eye on spending to ensure it’s not making the wrong investments.

Improve Efficiency with Data & Insights

Dun & Bradstreet helps business leaders reduce cost and improve efficiency with insights delivered either directly from our Data Cloud or through our range of solutions. Leveraging AI and machine learning, our solutions help to eliminate wasted time, improve marketing ROI and optimize cash flow. They also help automate the credit decision process and streamline third-party onboarding and compliance case management and auditing, increasing efficiency and free up time for more strategic initiatives.

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