Rishi Dave Picture
Rishi Dave
Chief Marketing Officer



Q: What brought you to Dun & Bradstreet?
A: What brought me to Dun & Bradstreet was just the incredible opportunity for growth here. We're in the data and analytics space - a space that is really growing - and Dun & Bradstreet is so well positioned and is doing such cutting edge things in this space that I just wanted to be part of it.

Q: What is your team's role in supporting D&B's success?
A: We've really transformed marketing here at Dun & Bradstreet to help the company grow by making things easier for our customers as they're thinking about the data and analytics space. We've been focused on three big things. 1) We modernized the brand and looked at our purpose, our values, and the culture that we want as a company. 2) We focused on changing how we go to market, moving from a product orientation to a persona orientation, and really thinking about the people we sell to, their problems, and how we can help them. 3) We're leveraging all of our own data and analytics, and we're leveraging marketing technology and content, to really take all that information and help grow the business in a modern, digital way.

Q: What do you look for when hiring talent?
A: We look for people who are really excited about taking risks, and excited about working with the most modern technologies, data, and tools available. The way we win in marketing is by not just leveraging our own technology, but also by leveraging the best technology and partners that are out there to help drive a wonderful customer experience.

Q: How do you approach working with and leading your team?
A: What's important to me as a leader is to have real experts in my organization who are excited about working independently to drive success and innovate. I also want people to feel comfortable taking risks because that's the way we drive innovation. On my team, we try a whole bunch of things - some things don't work - but the few things that do work, we then scale them globally and move on to the next.

Q: Can you share one of your biggest short term team priorities?
A: One of the biggest priorities for us is how to continue to scale Dun & Bradstreet by leveraging marketing - scaling pipeline, scaling close rates, and scaling our sales. We've spent the last three years really understanding customers and understanding what messaging and content and solutions work for them. Now we need to focus on how we scale that content to really grow the company.

Q: What's unique about the marketing team culture versus other teams at D&B?
A: One of the most unique things about our marketing culture is around how we work together and collaborate across our different functions in service of our customers. We have a go-to-market strategy that's really about personas, or the people we sell to. But we also have people within marketing who are experts in different areas, like creative, or analytics, or content, or messaging. They really have to collaborate together in service of the customer to create a single, integrated experience for them.

Q: What fires you up most about the future at Dun & Bradstreet?
A: What gets me most excited is the impact that we can have in this space. Every enterprise around the world is faced with a challenge of too much data. And, what fires me up is that we at Dun & Bradstreet can help all of these enterprises - whether they're a smaller business all the way up to the biggest enterprises in the world - find truth and meaning from data, and use it to grow across all of their relationships. That is so exciting given where we are in the world.


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