Polly Hood

Customer Support Consultant
Customer Service & Support


Q: What does a typical work day look like for you?
A: I focus mainly on delivering customer satisfaction through honest internal and external interactions, either by telephone, WebEx and face to face.  It’s really just about making people happy to deal with us. I’m typically training on our latest solutions, offering support to those who need a helping hand to get where they need to go, and improving the overall experience when transacting with D&B.

Q: Describe a project you recently enjoyed working on.
A: I recently worked on a project to improve one of our key support materials that will help us deliver a confident message around our UK and international capabilities. Because data comes in all “shapes and sizes”, across many different continents, it's challenging to always have a clear and concise message when handling tricky questions around global markets and their different ways of doing business. Once completed, I am confident that D&B will be able to articulate what sets us apart from our competitors and help to give the end client (internal and external) the real ability to 'decide with confidence' when dealing in global markets for trade credit risk, supply chain, country risk and growth through sales acceleration (marketing).

Q: What has helped you succeed at D&B?
A: Working for a company that helps you focus on your own skill set has allowed me to move with the times and follow a career path that has been varied, and at my own pace. After many years in a Sales role, my decision to move to a customer support role fits perfectly for me. I feel I am in the best position to help my colleagues achieve their personal targets by drawing on my years at D&B. I want to help D&B grow through customer retention, finding new business opportunities for my team mates to follow up on and add organic growth opportunities through supporting existing clients. Notwithstanding the phrase 'the customer is always right’, I am also fully aware that as a business, the need to be able to achieve sustainable growth allows us to invest in the future. My mission is to help clients buy from us, and not for us to sell to the client. That way, everyone owns the relationship.

Q: How do you describe the culture on your team?
A: My work at D&B is never boring. Working with a diverse team brings new and fresh approaches to our work that keeps us on our toes. We are encouraged to challenge the business if we feel it's needed. Never one to shy away from speaking my mind if I feel it's in the interests of the customer or my team, I feel empowered to speak up. I am given many different opportunities to help and improve the working environment. When joining D&B after a varied career in retail, media, recruitment and advertising sales, I knew from my first day in January '90 that this was the company for me until I retire.

Q: How do you spend time outside of work?
A: When I'm not at work, I am a keen fan of many sporting events (in my armchair, not participation!). My biggest passion is Football (Soccer) and I support my hometown team Reading FC (which is a challenge in itself). I am a proud single mother of one, though not so young any more. My bucket list currently has three ticked off the list: 1) Balloon ride, 2) Segway experience, and 3) Knickerbocker Glory at Morelli's in the infamous Broadstairs in Kent.  Now for the Motorbike course!