Mike Laffan

Finance Leader


Q: Describe your role and main responsibilities. 
A: I am the Finance Director at Dun & Bradstreet Ireland. I manage all the financial requirements of the Irish business, from making sure people get paid to filing statutory returns. A major part of my role is to focus on the company’s strategic imperatives and help my partners in the business to succeed.  

Q: What excites you most about your role? 
A: Probably the thing that excites me the most about my job is the fact that we are taking one of the oldest and most prestigious brands in the world and going through a transformation. We started a brand-new office here in Dublin 8 years ago, and now make a hugely meaningful contribution to the future of Dun & Bradstreet. 

Q: Can you share one of your recent projects that you are proud of? 
A: In 2017/2018, I led the finance organization in its mission to achieve the Knowledge Development Box here in Ireland. This was a hugely challenging but rewarding project that ultimately has proved successful for Dun & Bradstreet and my team. There was a genuine cash benefit for the company and this is the kind of delivery that most finance organizations can only dream of. 

Q: What traits or characteristics have helped you succeed at Dun & Bradstreet? 
A: As a business partner I always try to deliver on my promises to the business and help them achieve their goals. I will challenge them in ways that give them a different perspective, and this helps to make better decisions. 

Q: What makes working at D&B unique to you? 
A: Dun & Bradstreet is a unique opportunity for anyone. Here, you have one of the founding members of the US stock exchange reimagining itself in the 21st century, the results of which will be spectacular. The environment is challenging but rewarding. Every day I come to the office to an opportunity to do something new and different. I have grown my career here in Dun & Bradstreet Ireland, from financial accountant to Finance Director. That is not the kind of growth you will find in most companies. However, the best part about working in Dun & Bradstreet are the people. There are so many talented, intelligent and driven people in this organization. That is really what gets me to come back here every day. 

Q: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working? 
A: When I am not working, I spend most of my time with my wife and our three boys. Outside of family life, I love running and am an active member of my local athletics club, as well as coaching my son’s hurling (Irish game a little like lacrosse) team. Also, I am an avid rugby supporter getting to as many Munster and Ireland games as possible.