Karolina Kierzkowski

Leader, Predictive Analytics
Short Hills


Q: How would you describe your role?
A: My job at Dun & Bradstreet allows me to do a variety of things, including generating new ideas and custom global analytical solutions, while also working on new technologies and diverse data.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role?
A: First and foremost, I work among many smart, fun and helpful people across many groups and initiatives. I am never bored at work as I feel like a child in a toy store always having diverse data, great tools and fantastic people to interact with. We have awesome teams here at D&B that I get to learn from that enables me for tomorrow.

The projects I work on are data focused, very diverse and I get to interact with customers from other large companies spanning across many industries and across the globe. I love to generate new ideas that connect data through analytical methods and new technologies to drive new ideas for our customers. I am also privileged to explore and take part in initiatives about what else we can do internally to drive our full potential.

Q: Is there a project you recently worked on that you are very proud of?
A: One of the latest initiatives I was part of was the development, implementation and customer support of our first ever Global Business Ranking solution. Together with my colleagues from the Analytics team, we have built models supporting this initiative based on a diverse set of global data. Along with Sales and Analytical Consultants, I have supported customer tests and sales of this solution. We have had successful implementation of this solution in a very agile manner with our Technology team. We are pushing this initiative further and taking a deeper dive into the solution using machine learning to target higher predictiveness of the score and focusing on customer use cases.

Q: How would you describe Dun & Bradstreet’s culture?
A: I have been with D&B for 8 years and I have seen a very positive transformation over the years. I am excited for the future. The work culture is fantastic and is one of my many reasons for wanting to be a part of building more business relationships using our curious minds. Also, D&B has given me the flexibility to be able to grow in my career while expanding my family at the same time.